A new kind of Internet

Explore a universe of ideas, content, and experiences -- all on top of the existing web.

360° Context

Using bi-directional hyperlinks and contextual bridges, discover ideas from across the Internet related to the content on your current page.

Trust Layer

By verifying users, identifying the origins of digital content, and validating online information, The #OverWeb enables greater trust and transparency.


Utilizing Javascript and standard browser protocols, The #OverWeb will be easily accessible without plug-ins or extensions

Human Design

The #OverWeb is revitalizing the fundamental promise of the Internet: the democratization and expansion of human knowledge. We're a registered non-profit, and our values reflect it.



Combining human intelligence with machine-learning tools, CrowdFact enables online audiences to fact-check content, contain fake news, and build a more trustworthy information landscape.

WisdomTech Society

A community of forward-thinking companies and teams, using The #OverWeb to bring you a new generation of experiences and applications, anywhere in the digital world.

Be the First

We're looking for people who challenge the status quo -- and are ready to operate the Internet from a whole new perspective.

Are you?